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New Slackware binaries

New binaries for Slackware 8.0 no available

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-10-15

new email adress

Just wanted to inform that my email adress bjorn@kbear.org will expire august 31. Please use the adress kbjorn@users.sourceforge.net instead in the future.

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-08-15

New Slackware binaries

A new bugfixed slackaware binarie is now available, thanks to Armin Krieg

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-05-21

New Kbear 1.2.1 binary for Debian 2.2

There were some problems with the binary released yesterday, so here is a new one that hopefully will work properly

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-04-18

Debian binaries

KBear 1.2.1 binaries for Debian 2.2 now available

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-04-17


KBEAR 1.2.1 RPMS for SuSE 7.1 and 7.0 now available

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-04-17

SuSE 7.1 rpms for KBear 1.2

KBear 1.2 rpms are now available for SuSE 7.1

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-19

Updated Mandrake rpm

The Mandrake rpm for KBear 1.2.1 has been updated because of some dependenciy problem.

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-14

Slackware binaries available

Just uploaded binaries for Slackware 7.1 and they are available for download from the download section.

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-09

SuSe 7.0 RPM available for KBear 1.2

SuSe 7.0 RPM for KBear 1.2 available for download from the download section

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-08

New screenshots

Just uploaded new screenshots from the new release

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-07

KBear 1.2 1 released

We're glad to announcs the release of version 1.2.1.
This is a minor release though, but includes several bugfixes and some new stuff. It also adds Japanese translation.
For a complete changelog take alook at:

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-07

New Caldera RPMS

Just received an email from the Caldera rpm packager Jens Mueller who told me that the old rpms didn't work with KDE 2.1. So he sent me new RPMS that do work with KDE 2.1 and they are now available for download from the download section.

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-03-01

Caldera RPMS

RPM packages for Caldera is now available from the download section

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-02-28

You can now use CVS Repository

Since this is the first time I use CVS I really hope that everything is in order.
If there is anyone out there who is used to CVS, I would really appreciate that you check it out see if everything seems OK

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-02-09

RPM:s for Mandrake 7.2

RPM packages for Mandrake 7.2 now available
Note: compilde for i686

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-02-07

KBear 1.2 released

I'm glad to announce the release of KBear 1.2

Changes since last release:

->Now uses QextMdi 1.0 instead of the old beta release
->Dutch, Dannish, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, English, German and French translations now available.
->Open (and edit) any file(s) from the remote or local server, with the, for the filetype, predefined application, or you favorite editor and save it back to.
->Ability to remember settings for TopLevel/Childframe mode on exit as well as child window positions for TopLevel mode.
->Auto arranging childviews in ChildFrame mode.
->More configurating options in the settings dialog.
->RPM packages for Redhat 7 available( Mandrake 7.2 and SuSE packages coming soon).
->Email address now used as pass for anonymous servers.
->Updated docbook
->Connected time display for each FTP site
->Size information in the transfer view now self adjusting according to size ( Mb, Kb, bytes )
->Lots of internal changes and various bug fixes.

Posted by Bj�rn Sahlstr�m 2001-02-06

Do NOT use CVS yet !

Please do NOT use the CVS repository yet, it's not correct. I was able to import my sources once but after that I can't access it myself !
I'll let you know when it's fixed

Posted by Björn Sahlström 2001-01-27

KBear 1.1 uploaded to sourceforge

Have now uploaded KBear 1.1 to sourceforge. This is not a new release(released 2000-10-28) but I thought it should be at sourceforge

Posted by Björn Sahlström 2001-01-09

KBear start at Sourceforge

Just started to move my projekt to Sourceforge. Hopefully I will be done to the planned release of KBear 1.2 (in about two weeks or so).

Posted by Björn Sahlström 2001-01-07