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FTP server that doesn't support list

Ryan Barr
  • Ryan Barr

    Ryan Barr - 2003-01-21

    So... I've got an ftp server at my work that doesn't support the "list" command... I can do an ls or a dir but not a list... Is there some way to get kbear to do an ls instead of a list, or am I just stupid and missing the obvious answer :)  Thanks!


    • Bj�rn Sahlstr�m

      No sorry, only option about this is that you can turn off list -a in the sitemanager advanced settings.

    • Bj�rn Sahlstr�m

      Just wanted to inform that current CVS HEAd now has configurable command to list directories. Be warned though ! This is still an early development version and lot of features are missing, but if you want to try it just checkout from CVS.


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