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Solaris and Cygwin

Kaybot now compiles under Solaris as well as Cygwin! Work on binary releases for Win32 and Sparc architectures is now underway.

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-09-04

Tiny Delay

It's finals time everyone, so it's going to be a week or so before I can get any work done. Sorry bout the delay! I'll be working hard after that though!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-05-07

New Commands

Added some new commands today. Hoping to get these standard commands finished soon so work can start on botnet, modules, etc.

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-30

Secure Login?

Updated the login and crypto code, should be better now. Not unbreakable but at least harder to crack.

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-29


Updating crypto. Should be available tonight on CVS. The hacking guide will be updated to!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-26

Big decision...

Well, I've decided to go ahead and switch to using the DL library instead of GTK+ for modules. I know I should have done this in the first place but I thought GTK+ would be easier. I will leave the Gtk support in the source but Kaybot will use DL by default.

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-23


Packages! Debs and other arch. RPMs coming soon! I'm working hard!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-20

RPMs Up!

Just uploaded RPM packages for 1.4.1pre1!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-15

1.4.1pre1 Released!

Finally! 1.4.1pre1 is released! I'm sorry it took so long but it's finally here! Hope everyone enjoys!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-04-15


Added some TODO documentation. Hacking, configuration, and building are all on their way!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-03-21

Fixed and New Code!

I fixed somethings that could be potentially bad news. More importantly the module code is coming along fairly well! Hope everyone can enjoy and improve on it!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-03-20

Status Report

Module development is underway
Login code works and is relatively secure (at the moment)
Botnet module in progress (not in CVS yet)
Configuration options updated

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-03-13

Module development

Module development has been started! The module API should be up in the documentation section and on the project web page pretty soon!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-03-07


Check out the latest CVS snapshot! Commands are being added, next I'm going to work on better crypto and modules! http://mailto:kay3@users.sourceforge.net if you want to help!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-03-06

New homepage

Kaybot has a brand new, from SCRATCH website up! Check it out at http://kaybot.sf.net hope you enjoy! Working hard on a new release!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2003-03-04

Huge Delay

Wow I haven't had a chance to do anything with this project in a while. I've been moving accross the country and started school again... I'm working hard now so something should be available soon! http://kaybot.sf.net

Posted by Ryan Morris 2002-09-01

New Site Up!

The new Kaybot Homepage is now up and running at http://kaybot.sourceforge.net - Check it out!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2002-01-16

1.4 Not Far!

A complete rewrite of all the project code will yeild v1.4 of Kaybot. Scheduled to be released sometime late Jan. of 2002!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2001-12-31

New Release Soon!

The KayBot IRC project will have its new release coming soon! The new version will have increased authentication and security features and some new user and op commands. I'm also working on cleaning up the code to make it a little less nasty...

Posted by Ryan Morris 2001-03-02

Back to work!!!

After a prolonged vacation from KayBot development, I'm back to work! New versions will have hightened security, more useability, botnet, and alot more :) please stay tuned!!!!

Posted by Ryan Morris 2001-02-02

Beta 1.3.0 Released

Kaybot v1.3.0Beta released. Dcc features, hostname lookups as well as added stability.

Posted by Ryan Morris 2000-09-09

1.3Beta - Dcc added

Dcc has been successfuly added to the Kaybot v1.3Beta package. The Dcc addition send a file (from a list of acceptable files) to a user, the code is messy at the moment but it works, a downloadable beta should be uploaded shortly.

Posted by Ryan Morris 2000-09-07


Kaybot v1.2Release was uploaded to sourceforge project space. (Sep 3, 2000)

Posted by Ryan Morris 2000-09-03

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