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How to get exchange rates?!

I am trying to think of ways to obtain exchange rates, live, from the internet. I've thought of using HTTP to go to web sites and get the rates from a web page, using SOAP to get the exchange rates from a provider, updating the rates by hand, having a service e-mail the rates to an e-mail account that will use a script to generate an exchange rates file for KMM, and I've thought of trying to find a service that has a library already out there for exchange rate service.... read more

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-08-14

Which CVS Module Should I Use?

This is a question you may have asked yourself. Well, you should use the kashmoney module. The kash module is from the beginning when I was going to do a MDI-style interface. I've decided to go with SDI since reading the KDE interface guidelines.

The CVS module "kash" is TERRIBLY out of date, where as the "kashmoney" module is ready to go!

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-30

We're ready to go!!!

Okay everyone! We're ready to go! Everything's in CVS. The big thing is that you have to either use KDevelop to work on this (the preferred way), or modify acinclude.m4 before building. This is because Kash Money Manager uses exceptions, where most KDE applications do not.

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-30

Pay helped!

Hey everyone! Pat has gotten our CVS module imported. Now all I need to do is figure out how to get write permissions to my own CVS module :)

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-30

SourceForge and CVS...

Hello everyone. I'm just posting this message to let you all know that the cause of the delay in this project is being caused by SourceForge. I requested a CVS import over a week ago, and since I posted that request, I've updated it many times. It's at the highest priority I can set it to, and I set it to the administrative level of support.

I've also been updating the issue daily, hoping that someone will notice that nothing is going on and that my issue has not even been addressed. Thank you for your patients and I appologize for the stagnation that this project has endured so far.

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-30

Yup! It's Qt!

I've just confirmed that the "Xlib RENDER" problem is directly related to the changes made to Qt for version 2.3.1. I don't know about other versions, but 2.3.1 seems to have this problem for sure.

Solution: Upgrade to XFree86 version 4.1.0.

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-27

Wierdness requiring XFree86 4.1.0

There's something that causes KMM to crash if run on anything less than XF86-4.1.0. I don't get it. It always says something like "Xlib RENDER" or something like that. I think that it may be something in Qt2.3.1. I'm going to need to investigate a little bit more before I draw a proper conclusion.

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-27

Switching from MDI...

Okay everyone. I've been going through the KDE user interface standards, and I've decided to switch KMM from the MDI interface it currently uses, to a SDI interface. The KDE UI standards make many valid points about the benefits of SDI vs. MDI. I'm going to go into detail, but if you want to check out the KDE UI standards to to http://developer.kde.org.

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-26

Be careful about 0.1.0-pre alpha!!!

Please be cautious about KashMoney 0.1.0-pre alpha! There's a good chance that it won't build, and I know for a fact that it will not work to any degree as of yet. This is strictly a development release! Do *NOT* expect to use this program in any sort of productive fashion yet! It's not ready yet!

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-20


Kash Money Manager is started. We've already got a bit of code, and we're still waiting for our CVS import. I've created a mailing list for developers and users, and I've posted a job for a web developer to help out.

Posted by Michael D. Stemle, Jr. 2001-07-20