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Karmen 0.15 released!

Release cycles are getting longer, but here it is: Karmen 0.15. Enjoy!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2008-12-28

Karmen 0.14 released!

This is a minor bug-fix release. Enjoy!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2008-05-25

Karmen 0.13 released!

Karmen 0.13 offers "smart" window placement and a stay-on-click menu. Among other things.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2007-09-04

Karmen 0.12 released!

Time for a new release! Karmen 0.12 contains bug fixes and optimizations. Please report bugs. Here is the change log:

* New menu look.

* Optimize repainting of widgets.

* Add options -display, -font, -help and -version.

* Fix a long-standing bug causing some windows not to be managed correctly when Karmen starts.

* Allow windows to be as small as 1x1 pixel.

* Improved text positioning in window titles and menus.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2007-08-19

Karmen 0.11 released!

The Lower button is gone, and the Delete button has moved. A bit hard to get used to, but I have learnt to live with it after a couple of weeks. I hope you can too. As always: feedback is very welcome! Enjoy!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2007-04-03

Karmen 0.10 released!

Finally! Sorry for the delay. Read the change log for further details. Go get it! :)

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2007-02-07

New Poll Available!

Thanks to all of you who participated in the poll about the Lower button! The result was extremely even: 51 percent found the Lower button useful, 49 percent did not.

The reason for the question was that I was thinking about removing the Lower button. I personally find it useful now and then, but I'm not sure if it deserves to be a button. The poll results made it even harder for me to decide. Please mail your opinion to the mailing list, or to me at veenhuizen(at)users(dot)sourceforge(dot)net.... read more

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2007-02-02

Karmen 0.9 released!

Time for another release. Here are the release notes:

Version 0.9 of the Karmen window manager contains some important bug fixes, most notably a fix for the configure request bug that caused XMMS and MPlayer (and possibly others) to misbehave. There are also improvements for transient windows and window groups. See the change log (or NEWS file) for further details.

Have a nice day!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-12-14

Take the poll! Help Karmen improve!

I don't get too much feedback so I decided to try with a poll. Visit the Karmen home page at http://karmen.sourceforge.net/ and take the poll! If all goes well I will put up similar polls regularly.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-12-05

Please send feedback

I hope you liked the new release of Karmen. See the manual page and NEWS file to find out about new features and changes since the last version. And *please* send feedback! I'm sure there's something you didn't like, and there might even be some feature that you really like and don't want me to change.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-11-21

Karmen 0.8a released!

Finally! Sorry for the delay.

Version 0.8a comes with fancy window borders, improved support for window groups and transient windows, and a new window placement policy (random placement, please yell if you don't like it). There are also numerous bug fixes and minor changes.


Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-11-16

New release Real Soon Now

If you think Karmen development has stopped, you're wrong! The truth is I have been hacking quite a lot lately, so much that I haven't dared to make a release. However, things are stabilizing now and I plan to make a new release sometime at the end of this week. Watch out!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-11-07

Karmen 0.7a released!

Lots of changes, mostly internal. See the release notes for more details.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-10-04

Karmen 0.6a released!

Say hello to Karmen 0.6a! Mostly bug fixes and other minor improvements. Also note that Karmen is now distributed under the MIT license.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-09-24

Don't forget the mailing list! Screenshots wanted!

Hello Karmen users!

The last couple of weeks have been great! I have received positive feedback and bug reports from people using Karmen, and they have motivated me to keep on working with the project. Thanks!

I would like to remind you all that Karmen has its own mailing list. Goto https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/karmen-users to subscribe. As the name suggests, the list is supposed to be a forum where users can ask questions, post comments and suggestions, etc.... read more

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-09-18

Karmen 0.5a released

This release fixes most of the things that upset me with the previous versions. Read the NEWS file and the manual page for more information. Please send comments/bugs/suggestions! Enjoy!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-09-11

Karmen 0.4a released

Sorry for the delay. I haven't had much time lately. I managed to track down an annoying bug that motivated a new release (see the NEWS file), so here is version 0.4a. Enjoy!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-07-23

Karmen 0.3a released

This release documents some keyboard shortcuts.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-22

New mailing list: karmen-users

I have created a new mailing list. The address is <karmen-users@lists.sourceforge.net>. It is intended as a general purpose mailing list for karmen users.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-18

Frequent releases

I'm planning to continue making frequent releases, maybe once a week or so. Please upgrade to the latest release if you're interested in the project.

It would be very nice to know if someone is using/testing Karmen! Please drop a line in the Forums or send email to veenhuizen(at)users.sourceforge.net. Bug reports and/or suggestions are also welcomed.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-16

Karmen 0.2a Released

The second alpha released is available for download. The major change is the move from Imake to GNU Autotools. I also fixed a bug that caused Karmen to crash if a display could not be opened.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-15

Freshmeat project added

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-15

Karmen 0.1a released

The first alpha release is now available for download.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-13

Subversion repository imported

I imported my Subversion repository. Enjoy!

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-13

Sourceforge project created

I have created a sourceforge project for my window manager, Karmen. I will import the sources to Subversion as soon as possible, and also release a snapshot of the current sources. I posted a screen shot to give an idea of what it looks like.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2006-06-13