• arutgers03

    arutgers03 - 2010-01-26

    Hello all,

    Karatasi is a great program. I successfully moved all my Palm data over and have been using it daily over the last year. Unfortunately I didn't set up databases and categories in the best way from the beginning, and now the organization is quite out of hand. Could the following features be implemented to that end?

    -Move cards between categories and databases
    -Merge/split categories
    -Merge/split databases

    I would think that such features would be quite useful to all users. Thoughts?


  • Mathias Kussinger

    Hi Michael,

    thanks for the positive feedback :-)

    I understand where you are coming from. With the existing implementation on the iPhone you can do:
    - move cards between categories, one by one by changing their category in card edit.
    - merge categories. You delete the two categories you want to merge, their cards are moved to a default category,
      which you can rename afterwards.
    - split database by copying a database and delete the cards where you don't want them.

    This is of course no fun for big databases. I see this kind of housekeeping as a functionality of the Java GUI i'd like to have,
    there is much more screen space for complicated user interaction. We will open feature tracker for these features.

    I can't promise you any timeline, we are busy with preparing a new iPhone release, and a new Java release with better
    import and export (and a few other features).

    Next will be data maintenance for the Java app, but that will take a while, it is complicated and requires a few new internal



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