#340 Full text search is case sensitive


Full text search on the iPhone is CASE SENSITIVE!


  • Christa Runge

    Christa Runge - 2012-08-12

    Yes, I know, it is case-sensitive.
    This simplification was chosen intentional.

    Doing a proper case-insensitive search is hard, it would involve the following steps:
    (1) duplicate the 6 text fields in the database for all records.
    (2) The duplicate field will be invisible and will be initialised with the same string but in a case-insensitive format (e.g. all letters converted to caps, or all letters converted to the small letter).
    (3) The search string would then be converted to the same case-insensitive format, and would match with one of the invisible fields.

    The hard part is the algorithm to convert the string. It must work for all UNICODE letters, not only for the ASCII letters, and it must be implemented in Objective C and in Java. I have no idea how to do it. I will open a discussion in the forum, maybe somebody has an idea.

  • Mathias Kussinger

    • Group: iphone_1.8 --> iphone_later

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