#273 Sorting algorithm needs finetuning


svn 2305: The current implementation of the sorting algorithm in the card list gives strange results in case of Turkish language.
Try the following:
* add four new cards with the contents "i", "ı", "I", "İ" (dotted and dotless 'i', as lower-case and as upper-case letter).
* define a sorting profile based on the English language (en), and another one based on theTurkish (tr).
* apply the sorting profiles to the cards.
Observed behavior: both sorting profiles give unexpected and undesired results.
(a) with the en-based profile, the dotless lower-case ı is shown in the 'others' section, the other three under the index letter 'I'.
(b) with the tr-based profile, only the dotted lower-case i is shown under the index letter 'I', the other three in the 'others' section.

My suspicion is, that the index letters should also be somehow localized.
Note: this issue might be related to #2758879 (localized index letters).


  • Mathias Kussinger

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  • Mathias Kussinger

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