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anagram.pl released

Today I have released a Perl script that makes anagrams. It is intended for developing and testing, but it's fun to use too. It uses the word lists of the aspell software.

Posted by Onno Zweers 2002-07-05

Welcome to kanagram

Hi there,

Welcome to the kanagram project page. My name is Onno Zweers and I started this project. My goal is to make a program to find anagrams. I want to write it with Kdevelop, but I'm afraid I'll have to learn it first. And also C++. Grmbl.

I have made some other anagram programs, available for download at http://www.xs4all.nl/~onnoz/maanrag/download.html . Maanrag (Dutch only) is made in Visual Basic and runs on MS Windows. Sater is written in Javascript and runs (hopefully) in any browser.... read more

Posted by Onno Zweers 2002-06-20