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Last Storm release!

Kamikaze IRCD dev team is proud to announce what the last version of Storm 1.23p1 series has been released to public. There is absolutely no support for this version due to Pride-2 series development progress on bahamut core 1.8.1.
Pride-2 version of our IRCD incapsulates unique unicode hashing technology for russian networks called EQUALNICK. Information about following Pride-2 series development status to come.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-09-10

Kamikaze is now stable!

We have make our IRCD more stable now to inted support with utf-8 nicknames! But it needs more betatest with all unicode.org mappings. This series called PrideIRCD in version info.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-07-29

Utf-8 nicknames full support with Kamikaze-1 (Pride-2)

Yeah! We made this! UNICODE/utf-8 Nicknames are now supported by our IRCD Pride-2 series! Contact developers to get you own version for betatest or post support request on project page. Unicode channel names are blocked out cuz nobody uses its)

Posted by Eeeek 2004-07-29

Kamikaze development netsplitted

Now the major part of code on Anaconda series splitted to Pride IRCD development for StormNet.ru IRC Network. Currently their version named suffix Picasso with stuff for their staff. Kamikaze-1 Unicode development suspended due to some bugs with Bahamut 1.8.1. Anaconda series was found major bug (causes unstable server overhead) fixed only for Picasso.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-07-21

Kamikaze-1 betatest now on unilang.org

Kamikaze IRCD developmet team supplied Kamikaze-1 IRCD p3 to UniLang (www.unilang.org) community for beta-test issue. We are happy to announce that this is only one unicode comunity exclusively intended for utf-8 beta-test of our Kamikaze-1 UNICODE ircd version. If you feel free to betatest our Kamikaze-1 please contact developers.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-23

Kamikaze-1 patchlevel3 released

Kamikaze IRCD development team released Kamikaze-1 patchlevel3 version for beta test.
(This version has some strange crash on linux systems on netsplits, but freebsd works fine). For beta test issue contact project admins or post a support request on project page.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-13

Kamikaze-1 Anope 1.7.3 patch released (p3)

Kamikaze IRCD development team releases Kamikaze-1 services Anope 1.7.3 patch for mass.
This is stable release patch for Kamikaze-1 patchlevel 3. This includes major core fixups, russian utf-8 unicode lang file(1.7.3), VS ident/host support.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-13

Neostats patch updated to p3

Neostats 2.5.16 patch for Kamikaze IRCD updated up to Kamikaze-1 patchlevel 3.
This patch fixed up for new Kamikaze IRCD (release-1, unicode) fast vhosts VS engine.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-13

Kamikaze-1 Neostats 2.5.16 patch

Kamikaze IRCD development team releases Kamikaze-1 stats Neostats 2.5.16 patch for mass.
This release is for mass stable usage cus the is no major issue on network in something goes wrong - (very small code modification and no major changes in core).

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-11

Kamikaze-1 Anope 1.7.3 patch

Kamikaze IRCD development team releases Kamikaze-1 services Anope 1.7.3 patch for beta testers.
This release not for mass stable usage. For any beta test issue please contact Kamikaze IRCD development team.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-11

Kamikaze release - 1

Kamikaze IRCD development team released development version for beta test with UNICODE, SSL and other stuff.
This release didn't available to mass. If you have any idea to got this release contact development team for beta tester issue. This version is unsupported by branding anope services/neostats stats until special patch will be released.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-10

Max connections test for Kamikaze IRCD

Kamikaze developers released small tool to find out how many maximum user connections you are allowed to server on your ircd shell. This will notice max available socket limit for you shell.
This tool is intented to provide information for Kamikaze UNICODE version.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-09

Kamikaze Anaconda final release ready

Version 1.23 Kamikaze (StormIRCD) released for public!

Latest Kamikaze Anaconda version 1.23 patch level 1 will be published as soon as testing of client SSL in development version was done. This release will close NON-UNICODE version. All future version of Kamikaze based only on UNICODE mappings.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-07

BETA status of Kamikaze - development

We have to announce that Kamikaze development version was reached BETA Status!

major difference between old versions

* bahamut core 1.8.1 version(!)
* UNICODE conversion mappings for client messages
* local-ip hostnames resolve for networks running local based segments without PTR
* flexible usage of vident@vhosts
* extended built-in flood protection
* extended whois information lines

For any questions and assistance please post Support requests on project page.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-05

Now supports UNICODE!

Kamikaze Team intented to introduce development version of Kamikaze IRCD on bahamut core 1.8.1 with UNICODE charset mappings support.
No more stupid limited codepages, we are using native mappings from ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/ from now :p

Posted by Eeeek 2004-06-02

Last Kamikaze Anaconda release

We ready to have version 1.23 as last Anaconda Series of Kamikaze IRCD based on Bahamut 1.4.36 core code. Next releases will be native Kamikaze version based on 1.8.1 bahamut core. It's now under deepest development.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-05-31

Kamikaze (StormIRCD) published up to 1.22

Kamikaze Storm up to version 1.22 is ready

Posted by Eeeek 2004-05-31

Kamikaze (StormIRC) Services+Stats+1.20

Released Kamikaze StormIRCD Anaconda version 1.20 and patch for Anope 1.60 (Bahamut mode) and NeoStats 2.5.16(Viagra mode) for Anaconda series.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-05-29

Kamikaze (StormIRCD) published up to 1.10

Kamikaze IRCD was published by developers up to 1.10 version for public access with help provided by SourceForge Services and available for download.

Posted by Eeeek 2004-05-28

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