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Kalyp roguelike release 0.3.4-alpha

The Kalyp roguelike game project releases version 0.3.4-alpha.

This release of Kalyp is probably the most untested version with most new features and some rewrites including A-Star (A*) pathfinding, AI improvements, spells, towns, mine levels (new map generators) and daylight on outdoors levels. The next release will concentrate on fixes.

See docs/history.txt for full changelog.

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-04-25

Kalyp release 0.3.3-alpha now available

Kalyp version 0.3.3-alpha is released. It brings many items and monsters to the game, with random creation for both. There are many special items like different potions and scrolls, items can be identified and they can also be cursed.

This version also holds the first implementation of the monster AI with a simple Finite State Machine and a couple of states.

For a complete list of improvements, see docs/history.txt.

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-03-24

Kalyp release 0.3.2-alpha

The Kalyp project, a roguelike game in Java, introduces release version 0.3.2-alpha. This release includes mostly item usage features with different item types, randomly generated items, using items (wielding, wearing etc).

Several other features and new game commands are added, see docs/history.txt for full changelog.

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-03-04

Windows bugfix release 0.3.1-alpha

There seemed to be several problems running Kalyp on Windows, which was somehow caused by the run.bat batch file and inclusion of junit.jar in the classpath.

Release 0.3.1-alpha hopefully fixes these problems, and includes a couple of other fixes plus extended game commands help.

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-02-09

Windows problems?

Some problems in running Kalyp in Windows environment have been reported, with a typical Java error saying

"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError : GameMain"

If you encounter similiar problems using run.bat, it would be helpful if you could mail a description of the problem to <mamakela@users.sourceforge.net> with information of your Windows and Java versions.

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-02-05

Kalyp now works in Linux

Kalyp now works in Linux, the problem was it trying to use the Windows JCurses package. Use 'run.sh' for Linux, 'run.bat' for Windows.

Both the CVS and the kalyp-0.3-alpha release packages have been updated.

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-02-03

Kalyp released - a roguelike game in Java

This is the initial SourceForge.net release of Kalyp, a roguelike game in Java. It is designed on traditions set by popular roguelikes, most of all Nethack. It is single player and runs in text terminal.

The release is an alpha version which has been coded since the beginning of 2003. Runs perfectly well on Windows, the Linux version has some minor problems with curses, you are welcome to try fixing it on Linux if you've experience with curses libraries and Java.... read more

Posted by Markku Mäkelä 2003-02-03

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