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KahelOS 020212 Desktop Edition Released

Following the release of KahelOS 111111 last November 2011 is today's launch of KahelOS 020212.

KahelOS 020212 augments to what the earlier installer version can offer. This we specifically reckon caters to advance Linux users who wishes to have the freedom in the first step of installing an OS, i.e. manual partitioning system which also has the ability to resize (stretch and shrink) to both NTFS and Linux partitions.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2012-02-04

KahelOS Badges,Now available

KahelOS badges are up for grabs. Download free fun badges and you can also use it to post as your profile badge.
Spread the word while enjoying KahelOS and its benefits.



Posted by Meric Mara 2011-12-17

KahelOS CD/DVD Label

If you want a stylish and cool CD/DVD Label for your KahelOS 111111 Installer, download at http://www.kahelos.org/downloads.php?mod=3#downloads
KahelOS or Download the actual file size here: http://kahelos.org/webfiles/images/cd-cover-design/KahelOS-cd-label.png

Posted by Meric Mara 2011-12-17

KahelOS 111111 Release Notes

Announcing the release of KahelOS 111111 LiveCD with GUI Installer Desktop Edition.
The fast, simple and rolling-release Linux desktop OS is also 100% FREE.

It boasts of the User-Friendly Interface Installation as this installer version consciously made the effort to make it as easy and as friendly as possible for users to experience the power and beauty of a FREE Linux Operating System.

What Else is New?... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2011-12-17

KahelOS website made it to the Webby Finals

Concurrently today, as Mozilla announces the release of Firefox 4 http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/, the Philippine Webby Awards http://www.philippinewebawards.com/ posts its web finalists for this year’s competition.

KahelOS wishes to congratulate Mozilla, its community and developers for making web a better place for users. Likewise, KahelOS takes pride and delight to be part of the shorlisted Website Finalists of the 12th Philippine Webby Awards.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2011-03-22

Click Ye! Click Ye All!

In the previous article posted on March 05, 2011 “Enhanced KahelOS Website gets a spot at the 12th Philippine Webbys Semis”, we attempted to share with you why the KahelOS is the Philippine Webby Awards’ Community and Portal Site to be reckoned with.

This time, all collaborators, supporters and those who love fresh and evolving innovation can now express their support and admiration by being counted.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2011-03-12

KahelOS Website@PhilWebby

A few weeks after launching our enhanced KahelOS Website pops in the fresh announcement that this simply magnificent crafted portal is among the semi-finalists for the 12th Philippine Webby Awards under the Community and Portal Category.

Congratulations to the lads and lasses of KahelOS Linux.

Aside from the look, feel and the lesser use of the obvious orange, what makes the new KahelOS website tagged as enhanced?... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2011-03-12

Kahel OS. Do IT Right.

Dear Fellow Open Source Enthusiasts and Linux Advocate cum "Passionistas":

The Advent of one of the Filipino Contributions has dawned to the IT World. Kahel OS.

At first, i wish to write "... The advent of one of the significant and relevant Filipino Contributions has dawned to the IT World. But it would only be significant if IT's goal will be attained and relevant if users may realize IT's value in the long run.... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-09-12

Kahel OS is a winner's bet this lucky day of 9s

... and you don't even have to make an out of pocket expense to draw the winning cards!

This is IT! Your winning hand. Your computer's fantasy made real.

Kahel is a Linux™ operating system and desktop utility that promises a radical change on your computing experience, and the ideal hit for personal or business use.
Why use Kahel OS Desktop?

100% Free and Open Source Software

Most press releases would often pitch on the word "FREE" followed by clauses like "for a minimum purchase of", "if you place your order before" or "when you dial now and be the 999th caller".... read more

Posted by Meric Mara 2009-09-09