sorry for offtopic, but, by the way, is it possible to keep phonon as alternative to xine? Xine doesn't really work on the big bad windows platform ;) and I really enjoy kaffeine :D. I know that using plain xine is very very very better on primary target *nix, but I believe it could be good to have alternatives (like granatier can choose gluon or phonon [or qtmultimedia on older versions] at build time )

again, sorry for off topic.

2010/2/6 Christoph Pfister <>
2010/1/5 Christophe Thommeret <>:
> Le mardi 5 janvier 2010 03:19:41, Dexter Filmore a écrit :
>> Am Monday 04 January 2010 17:14:07 schrieb Christophe Thommeret:
>> > Kaffeine 1.X doesn't.

FYI, it's possible again with 1.0-pre3 (because xine is used directly
with X11 plugins).


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