DVB is not the system being used in the US so the usb stick won't work.

2010/1/9 Robin Haunschild <H@unschild.de>

I have a Digittrade DVB-T USB stick. It worked fine in Germany, Hannover. Since
I am back in Houston, Texas, USA a channel scan also over the hole band width
finds no TV stations at all although they do broadcast DVB-T programs (I can
receive them on my traditional TV). I am using Kaffeine 0.8.7 with KDE 3.5.10
(Debian/stable). It would be great if someone could provide me with a channel
configuration for Houston, Texas or tell me how to create one. In the latter
case, I'd of course share the resulting file.

My efforts using google lead to the tool scan from the dvb-utils package. But I
need an existing configuration of a location nearby. I did not find any channel
configuration file from the US at all, yet.

Thanks for your help,

Robin Haunschild

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