i noticed that kaffeine 0.8 is out, congrats to all involved ..

I used an svn version a while ago and i noticed there was a side bar on the right that i couldnt remove. I was just wondering if there is an option to hide it in the final release.

I also wished for the kde standard feature to hide/show the menu bar by using the ctrl+m shortcut combination ..i just didnt want to see this one without going to full screen or using the minimum mode(it hides too much info)

I would have use this version and see for myself but i kind of modified the .7.1 version to include the menu bar option and i really didnt like the right bar in svn version.

other than these two concerns, i just loved the svn version ..kaffeine is my main video player and it looks like it will be for a long time ...only if it could rip dvd using mplayer ..:-) ..but that's for another day and an enterely another email ..

all the best ladies and gents