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  KAAIS - Kali Applications Automatic Installer Script {Bash Script}

Allow users to install some extra applications on a fresh Kali installation, or who runs on a Live-CD.
Also updates some tools already included by default on Kali Linux.

Bug Fixes and Updates

  * 21-Nov-2014
    Automatic Initial Apt-Get Update
    Fixed LOIC Installation
    Version Check & Update Fixed

  * 17-Nov-2014
    Small Script Changes
    Updated Skype Installation
    Added LOIC Installation
    Version Check & Update Fixed
    Removed JavaJDK Installation

  * 06-Nov-2014
    Added PHP5-curl update
    Added Java JDK installation
    Updated "google-chrome" and "chromium" custom files
    Updated "sources.list" configuration and repositories
    Updated Google Linux Repository keys
    Fixed Chrome and Chromium confirmation to install

  * 10-Feb-2014
    Added thad0ctor's Backtrack 5 Toolkit installation

  * 06-Feb-2014
    KAAISv3 code cleaned
    Added Hamachi and Haguichi applications

  * 25-Jan-2014
    Updated "google-chrome" and "chromium" custom files
    Updated Skype installation
    Added KAAIS update feature

  * 13-Jan-2014
    Updated "google-chrome" and "chromium" custom files
    Added Applications:

  * 20-Dec-2013
    Added Applications:
          Nmap & Zenmap update
          Metasploit update
          CMatrix install

  * 05-Dec-2013
    Fixed Usefull Links
    Updated "google-chrome" and "chromium" custom files
    Added Google Linux Repository options
    Chrome & Chromium now installed via Google Repository
    Added JoomScan update
    Added WPScan install/fix

  * 10-Set-2013
    Fixed netool.sh installation
    Updated "google-chrome" and "chromium" custom files
    Added "sources.list" custom file update

  * 10-Set-2013
    Fixed Google Chrome custom file download
    Fixed some menu spacing

  * Latest: 2-Sep-2013
    Fixed bugs to paths of wget installations
    Added new menu for Kali Default Applications
    Updated wget links for Chrome, Skype and Youtube-DL
    Fixed menu returnings

  * 22-Aug-2013
    Added Youtube-DL (Youtube Video Downloader on Terminal)
    Added Skype and Teamviewer installations

How to Install:

Open Your Terminal And Execute:

  wget https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/kaais/kaaisv3.sh
  chmod +x kaaisv3.sh

How To Run:

Open Your Terminal And Execute:


The filename might be diferent depending on the script version. (v1 or v2 or v3 ...)

Bug Reports:


Develop by:
rawstring @ en0xCr3w @ r00tsect0r CyberTeam 2013


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-06-17

    Hi, I tried to use kaaisv3 but I had some problems.
    I installed kaais following your instructions.

    I performed Apt-get Update.

    Then, I installed netool.sh and I left kaais, but when I executed ./netool.sh in the terminal it said bash: ./netool.sh: no such file or directory

    And so also all other tools.

    Can you help me?

    • Rawstring

      Rawstring - 2014-07-08


      • ./opensource/netool.sh
      Last edit: Rawstring 2014-07-08
    • j0nat4s dark00x1n

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