Hi Fabrizio.

I would suggest that you take a look at either ZAP http://indexdata.dk/zap/ (probably the fastest to get started on if you are not familiar with PHP) or PHP/YAZ http://indexdata.dk/phpyaz/ (the most flexible and the best suited for larger projects).

My name is Fabrizio Agostinelli, I'm a student to the University of Bologna (Italy) and I'm near my degree in Computer Engineering.

For my degree thesis I've to build a Client-Server (Origin-Target) architecture based on the Z39.50 Standard.

I chose to implement the Server using the free version of Zebra-Server (by IndexData).

Now I've to configure this Server and create a Client to realize some base services, such as search/retrieve of geographical information (in XML).

What tools should I use? (...JZKit?)

There's anyone so kind to give me a hand... or any example?

Tanks a lot... :)

Best regards,



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Med venlig hilsen,

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