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  • Bartolomé Martínez Román

    I have started recently to work with Z3950, JZKIT and RPN queries.

    I have a problem to search by date with RPN: I can search by different attributes, for example:

    @attrset bib-1  @attr 1=4 explotacion


    @attrset bib-1  @and @attr 1=1003 Bosch @attr 1=4 explotacion

    But I don't know how to search by date. I have tried this :

    @attrset bib-1  @and @and @attr 1=1003 Bosch @attr 1=4 explotacion @attr 1=4 explotacion   @attr 2=1 1=30 MM/DD/YYYY

    (and I use a date in month/day/year).

    With no results. Any Idea?

    I have another problem:
    My client is using a server with usmarc. I don't have any problem in the communication, and I transform the results to org.w3c.dom.Document objects. But the result is the following xml for each InformationFragment/Document:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <field tag="5"/>
        <field tag="8"/>
        <field tag="20">
            <subfield code="a">84-470-1709-5</subfield>
        <field tag="40">
            <subfield code="a">M-BCD</subfield>
            <subfield code="b"> spa</subfield>
        <field tag="100">
            <subfield code="a">Pellise Capell, Jaume</subfield>
        <field tag="245">
            <subfield code="a">La &quot;explotacion abusiva&quot; de una posicion dominante</subfield>
            <subfield code="b"> : (arts. 82 TCE y 6 LEDC)</subfield>
            <subfield code="c"> / Jaume PelliseCapell ; prologo de Antoni Font</subfield>
        <field tag="250">
            <subfield code="a">1 ed</subfield>
        <field tag="260">
            <subfield code="a">Madrid</subfield>
            <subfield code="b"> : Civitas</subfield>
            <subfield code="c">, 2002</subfield>
        <field tag="300">
            <subfield code="a">283 p.</subfield>
            <subfield code="c"> ; 22 cm</subfield>
        <field tag="490">
            <subfield code="a">Estudios de derecho mercantil</subfield>
            <subfield code="v"> ; 53</subfield>
        <field tag="504">
            <subfield code="a">Bibliografia: p. [267]-283</subfield>
        <field tag="650">
            <subfield code="a">Posicion dominante</subfield>
        <field tag="651">
            <subfield code="a">Espana</subfield>
        <field tag="653">
            <subfield code="a">Aspecto juridico</subfield>

    I can retireve any document with the right characters. I thin is aproblem of the encoding, but I have test different servers, always with the same result. How can I solve this? Can I have problems if I connect to a server with ibermarc?

    Anyone knows the solution to this two problems?

    Thanks in advance,
    Bartolom Martnez

    • Bartolomé Martínez Román

      Te query that I am using to search by date is this one, and not the query that is in the previous message!!

      @attrset bib-1 @and @and @attr 1=1003 Bosch @attr 1=4 explotacion @attr 2=1 1=30 MM/DD/YYYY


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