Lee - 2008-08-26


I've been playing around with the JZKit and have managed to get MARC records in the following format e.g:

Leader 02236cjm  22003977a 4500
001 14524853
005 20070214125831.0
007 st osndmcucnce
008 060829s1979    caujzn              zxx 

However, I'd like to try and get it in the original binary format e.g:

01105nam a2200373 a 45040010005000000

Can someone tell me hos I would modify the ClientTest class @ http://developer.k-int.com/svn/jzkit2/trunk/jzkit2_samples/z3950/src/test/java/org/someorg/somepack/Z3950ClientTest.java to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance,