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Do NOT use the scripting in 0.2.
It will change drastically in 0.3.

Posted by teozkr 2010-04-09

0.2 Released

0.2 is finally released.
It should have a working cross-platform installer now.
Also like I said before it now also has a CGI-ish scripting support.
Oh, and did I tell you that it now has clean shutdown?

Posted by teozkr 2010-04-05

0.2 Kinda released

0.2 Alpha is coming very soon.
The new feature here is the CGI-ish script support.
The scripts (or interpreters) are written in Java and are defined by the handlers.txt file.
They can however also just be wrappers for scripts (or interpreters) written in other languages.

Actually 0.2 Alpha is finished now and commited to SVN, I just have to package it.
Another new feature this time is that the installer will be made using IzPack instead of NSIS, so there will only be one installer instead of one cross-platform archive and one windows only installer with service support.

Posted by teozkr 2010-04-05

0.1 Released

The new 0.1 Alpha is now released.
It has support for text and binary data and should work for all static content.
Also it automatically strips off ../ and ./ from the urls.
There's also a service edition that is recommended for Windows because that you cannot use the normal edition for a good autoboot on Windows.
Thanks to the Jython team for a great Python implementation and the JSmooth team for the ability to easily port to a Windows service.

Posted by teozkr 2010-03-21

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