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[ff6470] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

added CPython's release22-maint/Lib to svn:externals as CPythonLib

2006-11-21 03:06:48 Tree
[99b8b7] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

This makes bugtest test394.py pass.

The problem was a null (None) sys.prefix when:
- no python.home not install.root is specified (e.g. standalone mode)
- jython.jar itself is not on java.class.path, but referenced
by a manifest of another .jar file on the classpath

2006-11-20 16:14:17 Tree
[590e3e] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

added a test exposing a site import error when a standalone
jython.jar is referred in a MANIFEST.MF of another .jar

2006-11-20 15:59:46 Tree
[f3b3c9] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

JarPacker has now the possibility to add a manifest

2006-11-20 15:36:08 Tree
[a30537] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

basic implementation of slots. still need to disallow slots on str, long and the like and go over the slot inheritance logic with a fine toothed comb

2006-11-19 17:00:42 Tree
[854076] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged 2830 to HEAD from trunk

2006-11-18 19:47:26 Tree
[6b9069] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

prevent NullPointerException in case of
import non_existing_module

2006-11-16 07:49:15 Tree
[09d676] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

removal of unused private field emptyStringAr

2006-10-31 23:21:20 Tree
[bc1f23] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Clarified reading of text files out of the installer .jar file.
Installation was confirmed to run on a platform with
default encoding = UTF-8 (z/Series SUSE Linux).

2006-10-31 23:04:53 Tree
[02ceb3] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

try to work around problems on platforms with default encoding UTF-8

2006-10-29 23:23:12 Tree
[3d7686] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

do not rely on getSize() of ZipEntry any more

2006-10-29 23:18:18 Tree
[bf3513] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Add expected skips and failures. I currently get 20 failures. It'd be nice if
someone else ran the tests to see if they get the same ones.

2006-10-26 04:28:18 Tree
[d8763f] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

reenable the leak test with a hack to get java to garbage collect before actually running the test

2006-10-26 04:25:21 Tree
[b6fe53] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added Matt's template task to trunk. I did not make it part of
the main build at this point, it needs to be executed like:

ant template

This is probably the best way to go for now since the task is a
little time consuming.

2006-10-23 00:50:43 Tree
[4c11ec] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

exclude test/output/test_sax from python.lib since the test_sax.py we're using is from pyxml and uses the regular test support mechanisms to note failure

2006-10-17 02:43:45 Tree
[e9cea9] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

get var names from scope.up rather than going distance scopes up to lookup names. scope.up is already the correct function or top scope as it's calculated in ScopesCompiler.endScope. The distance is only needed for the actual loading of the scope when its fully nested in intervening class scopes in the bytecode.

2006-10-17 02:42:13 Tree
[02a51d] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

pulled over from Python-2.2.3 with a test for leaks commented out. The garbage collector needs to run to call __del__ on the created objects to make the test work and I'm not sure of the best way to add that.

2006-10-17 02:38:13 Tree
[574a85] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

pulled over from Python-2.2.3 with an unecessary expat import removed

2006-10-17 02:33:19 Tree
[453261] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

added locator tests from test_sax2 in pyxml

2006-10-17 01:27:40 Tree
[ec3849] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Make f_locals in PyFrame even if there are no co_nlocals if there are freevars

Only consider freevars from function or top scopes, not class scopes per
PEP 227.

2006-10-16 01:24:09 Tree
[e23177] by pedronis@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

- tweak dict.get to not consider an overriden __getitem__ (we should use dict___finditem__
instead of __finditem__ much more, we are not consistent enough to make a point of being different
from cpython here)

- incorporate the up-to-date result from the templates, we should try not to have any manual tweaks.
I haven't checked if it is the case for all .expose too. I did for the .derived.

- changed PyString/Unicode/Tuple to match the adaptation in the .expose files.

- disable a test exploding with a null-pointer exception in test_descr

now we finish test_descr without exploding, although with quite a bit of failure.

corresponding changes should be done on the 2.3 branch too.

2006-10-16 00:50:16 Tree
[c11e37] by pedronis@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

r2955 from the trunk. make this test more robust (passes again even on a 1.5 jvm for me)

2006-10-15 19:11:21 Tree
[18b895] by pedronis@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

make this test more robust (now it passes again for me even on a 1.5 jvm)

2006-10-15 19:10:28 Tree
[31dc3d] by otmarhumbel@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

checkout bugtests, too (to enable integrated tests after a full-build)

2006-10-14 19:59:57 Tree
[94cabd] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added hasFreevars to PyTableCode and use from __builtin__ and Py when checking
for use of freevars in eval and exec.

2006-10-14 03:16:54 Tree
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