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[35614a] (Release_2_3maint) by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

arbitrarily locked CPythonLib version to r70085. Did not do this for the
experimental branches pbvcm or advanced.

2009-03-30 16:17:56 Tree
[7acf2d] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

arbitrarily locked CPythonLib version to r70085. Did not do this for the
experimental branches pbvcm or advanced.

2009-03-30 16:17:56 Tree
[a444d2] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Only test single item dicts in test_same_as_repr

2009-03-30 14:21:06 Tree
[13f733] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4


2009-03-30 14:19:24 Tree
[96a942] by thobes@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Fix to bug 1294.

2009-03-30 07:17:38 Tree
[3ead70] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

fix failing tests: always compile the compiled version, incase the bytecode
magic changes

2009-03-29 23:21:00 Tree
[2af1c9] by thobes@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Decoupled the compiler.
Added a compiler facade and added a dispatcher that enables loading different
kinds of code objects from .class-files.
This enables having multiple compilers and different code implementations.

2009-03-29 22:13:47 Tree
[92f10b] by thobes@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Patched the compiler paths for type stafety.
The kind is now an enum (from builtin.compile and down)
The compile methods now return PyCode (from builtin.compile and down)
This simplifies the compiler paths, the check for if AST or code should be
returned is now in only one place and the parser dispatch is simpler(less code)

2009-03-29 22:11:34 Tree
[0126f4] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

o workaround our shebang line issues (#1112) by using /usr/bin/env when we can
o make installed scripts executable

2009-03-29 20:07:31 Tree
[b6ad7d] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4


2009-03-29 20:00:29 Tree
[32e547] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

fix type serialization broken by the now fully qualified type names
thanks Sergei
fixes #1282

2009-03-27 23:21:59 Tree
[a88bbe] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

reduce our CHMs' concurrencyLevel to 2 from 16 to reduce allocation. speeds up
pybench by 10%

2009-03-27 21:44:57 Tree
[9cf848] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

prefer the parent ConcurrentMap interface

2009-03-27 20:34:45 Tree
[1a8141] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

have java integration translate faux-floats (objects implementing __float__) to
Java floats
patch from zyasoft
fixes #1198

2009-03-27 19:03:30 Tree
[f60cd9] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

fix lack of tracing when creating exceptions
thanks jha
fixes #1249

2009-03-26 16:49:14 Tree
[621bdd] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Fixes #1140: now uses pkgutil.get_loader.get_data to properly get the
data files used by unicodedata data files were not being imported
properly, as required for a standalone jar.

Thanks Olivier Samyn for the initial version of the patch!

2009-03-22 14:00:52 Tree
[e27387] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

dict() now can be constructed from a Map in user-level code. This fixes bug #1146.

2009-03-22 03:00:51 Tree
[c2a322] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

o reenable test_profile, tweak the output to:
- <string>:0 -> <string>:1
- don't test for profiling of Java (builtin) functions:

2009-03-21 22:29:19 Tree
[1b729b] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

test_profile from:

2009-03-21 22:27:42 Tree
[304004] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Reinstated PythonInterpreter#setErr(java.io.Writer),
#setOut(java.io.Writer) (but deprecating). This uses PyFileWriter
which implements a file-like interface sufficient for stdout/stderr

Fixes #1266

2009-03-21 21:23:22 Tree
[f4cf4a] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

o test_import/threadsignals fail, not skip
o test_dummy_thread passes, dummy_threading is broken:

2009-03-20 01:16:13 Tree
[5dd527] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added NEWS item for issue1261.

2009-03-17 19:07:37 Tree
[9530ab] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

darn forgot to update NEWS.

2009-03-17 19:02:03 Tree
[adf013] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Applied patch from http://bugs.jython.org/issue1148 to AstList to fix
ClassCastException for slices. Also merged the test included in issue1148 into
test_ast_jy.py with some small changes, especially the formatting to fit with
pep 8 style. Thanks Geoffrey French (MrMeanie)!

2009-03-17 19:00:26 Tree
[378b7f] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4


2009-03-17 02:59:34 Tree
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