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[1b94db] (modern) by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

PyTee wasn't actually used as an object, instead it was instantiated, used for the tees it created, and thrown away. Just make it a static method on PyTeeIterator instead.

2008-01-25 06:16:35 Tree
[877358] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

small hack to make imp.find_module return entries in regard to .py files, not
their compiled versions if they exist. a better fix is going to require a lot
of cleanup to import and the imp module

2008-01-25 06:13:28 Tree
[9f1d16] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

fix PyStringMap.update's broken resize optimization to match CPython's.
previously update was doubling the size of the map in some situations where it
wasn't necessary, potentially causing an OutOfMemoryError. e.g. I witnessed
nose's test_loader r422 blowing it out during repeated update()s to a capacity
of 33554393 when it never had a size larger than 144

2008-01-25 06:02:06 Tree
[f94d8a] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Using the trunk version of imp.java (which apparently fixed other problems) now passes test_chdir. So modern is passing everything trunk is.

2008-01-25 04:30:11 Tree
[2a5f85] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added gettext, locale, optparse modules. Still exclude testing locale, because it currently only supports the C locale; any more support will have to await an implementation that presumably uses java.text

2008-01-24 17:48:13 Tree
[4a6740] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

time.strptime now properly works with the %c format code, so standard CPython 2.3 test_time now works. Removed Jython specific testing for time module.

2008-01-24 17:36:35 Tree
[0db04c] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

itertools.tee is now an exposed type; fixed tests such that those that don't make sense for Jython are not exercised. The one possible exception is __copy__, but that's an implementation detail and sees very little usage according to PEP 323, which has been deferred.

2008-01-24 16:45:38 Tree
[4561f4] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged against trunk 3515:4073

2008-01-23 18:31:43 Tree
[fe5836] by pjenvey@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

test_asynchat passes now

2008-01-23 06:28:58 Tree
[2961ac] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

include asynchat

2008-01-22 04:42:35 Tree
[0bdc42] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Went in the wrong direction yesterday. Everything should use getHostAddress, not getHostName. getHostName forces a reverse name lookup

2008-01-21 21:58:11 Tree
[b5720f] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Missed a rename

2008-01-21 21:54:00 Tree
[e82871] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added Benjamin for his bugtest migration

2008-01-21 21:48:29 Tree
[fc61f7] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Migrate bugtests 26-50 into Lib/test from Benjamin Petersen's work on GHOP task 280: http://code.google.com/p/google-highly-open-participation-psf/issues/detail?id=280

2008-01-21 21:47:17 Tree
[eb4a11] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Somehow previous merge did not apply all changes from trunk 3929:4061 (specifically PyBuiltinMethod and new support for wide), so backing out changeset

2008-01-21 04:12:24 Tree
[e6b74f] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

NB 6 apparently likes to silently add its files in the commit process.

2008-01-21 03:38:10 Tree
[4a1c6d] by zyasoft@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged in changes against trunk from 3929:4061

2008-01-21 03:34:31 Tree
[fb85f8] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

merged with trunk.

2008-01-20 23:04:26 Tree
[45bf5d] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Added jarjar support and jar-complete target.

2008-01-20 22:42:22 Tree
[33b220] by fwierzbicki@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Hand merged Module changes from trunk.

2008-01-20 22:05:45 Tree
[b3903e] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

consistently use getHostName in getsockname and getpeername rather than half getHostAddress and getHostName

2008-01-20 20:09:11 Tree
[9f258b] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Merged revisions 4059 via svnmerge from

r4059 | cgroves | 2008-01-19 14:52:16 -0800 (Sat, 19 Jan 2008) | 1 line

synchronize around registry_init so if two threads start up and use codecs immediately, they both get a valid list of encodings

2008-01-19 22:59:53 Tree
[c2130d] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

synchronize around registry_init so if two threads start up and use codecs immediately, they both get a valid list of encodings

2008-01-19 22:52:16 Tree
[21a572] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Don't set a null type on wide builtin methods, let it be figured out from class if we don't know beforehand.

2008-01-18 23:23:27 Tree
[d3ba34] by cgroves@79b11f02-f210-0410-99aa-fb189b3d1ac4

Regression test for bug #1861985

2008-01-18 09:56:38 Tree
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