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Title: Installing Jython


<P>Jython is distributed as a self-extracting .class file created by 
<A HREF="http://liftoff.sourceforge.net">LiftOff</A>. 
To install Jython, open the command line to the directory in which 
you have placed the Jython-20a1.class file and then type:

	<P>&lt;java interpreter&gt; Jython-20a1</P>

<P>You will probably type one of the following three lines,
depending on your system. <b>Be sure <em>not</em> to put &quot;.class&quot; 
at the end of the file name.</b>

	<P><TT>java Jython-20a1</TT></P>

	<P><TT>jre Jython-20a1</TT></P>

	<P><TT>jview Jython-20a1</TT>

<p>It can be necessay to set the CLASSPATH to include the current directory

	<P><TT>env CLASSPATH=. java Jython-20a1</TT>

	<P><TT>java -cp . Jython-20a1</TT>

	<P><TT>java -classpath . Jython-20a1</TT>

	<P><TT>jview /cp:. Jython-20a1</TT>

<P>Which command to use depends on your operating system and java version.

<P>If you do not have a GUI, then add <tt>-o dir_to_install_to</tt> to the 
command above. Jython will install to the specified directory without 
bringing up the graphical installer. E.g. to install all modules to a 
Jython-2.0 subdirectory in the current directory do: 

  <P><TT>&lt;java interpreter&gt; Jython-20a1 -o Jython-2.0 demo lib source</TT>

<P>After completing installation, you should be able to run Jython by typing:</P>


<H3>What Can Go Wrong</H3>

<P>You should check out this section if your Jython installation 
doesn't quite work right. It will contain tips for solving the 
most common problems.

<H4>Can't Access Standard Python Modules</H4>

<P>By default, Jython only installs a small collection of the standard 
Python modules. This is due the fact that much of the functionality of
these modules is duplicated by Java packages. If you want to use parts 
standard Python library that are not included with Jython, you have 
select the "Library" during installation or add pointer in python.path
to the Lib directory of  a preexisting Python 2.0 distribution. This 
requires editing your &quot;registry&quot; file.

<H4>Other Problems</H4>

<P>Any other problems with the installation should be reported to 
<A HREF="mailto:python-dev@lists.sourceforge.net">jython-dev</A>.

<P>As a workaround you can extract the jython-20a1.class manually.
The class file is basicly a .zip file and most unzip programs can
manage to extract the contents of the class into a directory.
After doing that, you must 
<li>Remove the <tt>net</tt> directory. It isn't needed.
<li>Create the startup script by hand. Use the <tt>template*</tt> files
    as a starting point in doing so.

<H4>Platform Specific Notes</H4>

<P>If all else fails, you might find that your problem is unique to 
your platform, and has a solution mentioned on the 
<A HREF="platform.html">Platform Specific Information</A> page.


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