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 Demo 2010-08-27 juneau001 [r7108] Updating swing demos
 Doc 2008-01-15 pjenvey [r4036] link directly to PEP 249 instead of the old DB ...
 Lib 2011-05-01 pjenvey [r7291] hardcode the rest of the svn keywords
 Misc 2009-10-16 pjenvey [r6861] doc sets and BaseException
 ast 2009-10-28 fwierzbicki [r6925] Bringing in pypy's generator to see if I...
 bugtests 2009-05-06 pjenvey [r6304] Py.matchException -> PyException.match
 extlibs 2010-10-05 zyasoft [r7136] Upgraded Guava Google collections to 0.7.
 grammar 2011-03-30 fwierzbicki [r7276] Merge with trunk.
 maven 2009-05-26 fwierzbicki [r6384] Change build target for maven.
 src 2011-05-01 pjenvey [r7291] hardcode the rest of the svn keywords
 tests 2011-01-22 pjenvey [r7188] add more missing dict-like methods to the jsr22...
 .classpath 2010-10-07 otmarhumbel [r7140] Upgraded Guava Google collections to 0.7.
 .project 2009-08-16 cgroves [r6682] Remove the ant exposer from Eclipse as it never...
 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 2010-11-10 otmarhumbel [r7171] add the latest contributors to both acknowledge...
 CPythonLib.includes 2009-10-28 pjenvey [r6921] o more over to PosixModule, so we don't need th...
 CoreExposed.includes 2010-02-03 wmeissner [r6976] Merge ctypes branch revisions r6701:6975 into t...
 LICENSE.txt 2009-01-12 pjenvey [r5923] bump copyright year
 NEWS 2011-04-23 pjenvey [r7288] Merged revisions 7287 via svnmerge from
 NOTICE.txt 2007-02-28 cgroves [r3129] added maven pom builder from Kevin Menard's pat...
 README.txt 2011-03-01 otmarhumbel [r7203] prepare for 2.5.2 final
 build.xml 2011-03-01 otmarhumbel [r7203] prepare for 2.5.2 final
 registry 2009-05-10 otmarhumbel [r6327] small cleanup

Read Me

Welcome to Jython 2.5.2

This is the final 2.5.2 release of Jython.
It contains the fixes of the blocker bugs since 2.5.2 release candidate 3.

This release fixes bugs related to resource leaks, Java integration,
and a number of other issues. See the NEWS file for more details. In
particular, we did not completely fix #1327, "Classloaders cannot GC,
which exhausts permgen." Jython uses instances of ThreadLocal-managed
class, ThreadState, to manage its execution state, including frames,
exceptions, and the global namespace. The ThreadState also indirectly
refers to the ClassLoaders used by Jython. Such usage can cause
resource leaks when a Jython application is restarted under certain
app containers, because the ThreadState often may not cleaned up by
the app server's thread pool.

Fixing this problem without a backwards breaking API change appears
to be difficult. Therefore we recommend exploring workarounds, such as
the one published in this blog post,

Jython 2.6 will introduce limited backwards breaking API changes, so
it will be possible to fully resolve this bug, and related issues, in
that version instead.

And -- last but not least -- please help spread the word:

Organizations using Jython 2.2.1, or earlier, should test their code
against 2.5.2 beta 2 now so that bug fixes and/or workarounds may be
identified. In particular, please note the following:

  * No additional work is anticipated on Jython 2.2.

  * Jython 2.5.2 is the last release in Jython 2.5.x series that will
    address non-severe issues, including Java integration issues.

  * Jython 2.6 development will begin immediately following the 2.5.2
    release. Jython 2.6 will require the use of JDK 6.

The release was compiled on Mac OS X with JDK 5 and requires JDK 5 to
run. Please try it out and report any bugs at