Commit Date  
[r7267] by fwierzbicki

Reformat so that I can more easily script the removal of the grammar actions. I
am probably going to need another parser to check "from __future__".

2011-03-25 15:25:07 Tree
[r7266] by pjenvey

fix zipimporter subclasses not getting a __dict__
test from Yuji Yamano (thanks)

2011-03-24 20:12:46 Tree
[r7265] by pjenvey

oops, always null out message here

2011-03-24 20:11:52 Tree
[r7264] by fwierzbicki

Move code back to it's relevant comment.

2011-03-24 02:08:13 Tree
[r7263] by fwierzbicki

Glob in Java to speed up grammar regression tests.

2011-03-24 01:01:57 Tree
[r7262] by fwierzbicki

Update to 2.6

2011-03-23 05:03:29 Tree
[r7261] by pjenvey

coding standards and other minor changes

2011-03-22 02:38:16 Tree
[r7260] by pjenvey

better support for Java exceptions in writeUnraisable

2011-03-21 23:11:25 Tree
[r7259] by pjenvey

might as well deprecate javapath so we don't really have to maintain it going

2011-03-21 23:10:49 Tree
[r7258] by pjenvey

add Dmitry for his PEP 3101 implementation

2011-03-21 21:57:22 Tree
[r7257] by pjenvey

a somewhat complete PEP 3101 implementation (str.format)
refs #1718
from Dmitry Jemerov @ PyCon 2011 (thanks!)

2011-03-21 05:57:39 Tree
[r7256] by pjenvey

update test_str to 2.6

2011-03-21 05:46:52 Tree
[r7255] by pjenvey

update pkgutil to 2.6

2011-03-21 05:36:00 Tree
[r7254] by pjenvey

more 2.6 exception changes

2011-03-21 05:01:00 Tree
[r7253] by pjenvey

o 2.6 core exception related changes
o fix exceptions.getString allowing unicode

2011-03-20 19:56:03 Tree
[r7252] by pjenvey

reuse exceptions.getEnd

2011-03-20 19:43:03 Tree
[r7251] by pjenvey

o add Py.writeUnraisable
o remove the no longer needed formatException <oldclass>.__module__ workaround
o cleanup class/instance __repr__

2011-03-20 19:41:31 Tree
[r7250] by pjenvey

hg version support

2011-03-20 06:07:17 Tree
[r7249] by pjenvey


2011-03-19 23:41:41 Tree
[r7248] by pjenvey

add real/imag/numerator/denominator where applicable to the numbers

2011-03-19 20:47:21 Tree
[r7247] by pjenvey

reapply r5601 to, correctly fix filename from the compiled filename

2011-03-19 20:39:47 Tree
[r7246] by pjenvey

add -3 and Py.warnPy3k

2011-03-19 20:03:20 Tree
[r7245] by pjenvey

o add abc support. we differ from CPython in that type lacks the
__instance/subclasscheck__ methods as it would slow down isinstance/subclass
o somewhat fix our object.__init__/__new__ FIXMEs and disallow arbitrary args
to __new__ per 2.6. __init__ doesn't repeat this check yet but this is probably

2011-03-18 02:25:16 Tree
[r7244] by pjenvey

add ThreadState.enter/leaveRecursiveCall

2011-03-18 01:26:55 Tree
[r7243] by pjenvey

might as well return the covariant type

2011-03-17 23:02:35 Tree
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