Thanks for your encourage. Frank. Based on the e-mail in the mailinglist, I agree Alexey would be more suitable for this job, so keep working, Alexey, I will continue to focus on the progress in the help system.
After browsing the wiki page again, I fiound the ctype idea really cool and I might be a little more familiar with c. So I decided to take that job, but JNA is totaly new as for me. I might need some more help later. thanks.

2008/3/19, Frank Wierzbicki <>:
Hey xinfan,

You aren't too late to do a Jython proposal, just maybe too late for a
help system proposal (since it probably doesn't make sense to do two
proposals on the same exact project, and Alexey has claimed that one).
  Is there another subject on the PotentialProjects page or one that
you might be interested in otherwise?


Best Wishes
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Department of Computer Science & Technology
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