Hi everyone, My name is Meng xinfan, I guess I am "the other student" that also interested interested in this project. I don't konw whether I am a little too late to say  hello here. Whatever, I think I would just propose some ideas here.
what I find jython most amazing is that I can test some java library in real time, swing and jdbc for example. I really like the idioms that we can try before we use it. I think that is the most powerful aspect of this language. A good help system can make jython even more attractive, as a vim fan, I prefer the vim way. That is, the only thing I need to do is typing commands in one window. since documents may be too long and always wash away the previous content (yes, I really hate this behaviour when using python interpreter).  I think we should display them in a separate window.
I think now I need to dig into the help() don't work bug, can anyone point me to the disscusion about this topic? thanks
Best Wishes
Meng Xinfan
Institute of Computational Linguistics
Department of Computer Science & Technology
School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science
Peking University
Beijing, 100871