The highest version of jython right now is 2.2 which corresponds to Cpython 2.2, so best case you wouldn't expect to find 2.4 libs.

Unfortunately and understandably even for the same version not all of the python libs which were  implemented in C have been ported.

A partial list of some of the issues facing jython is at

The long and the short of it is that jython is an incredibly cool tool for working with java libraries but as of yet it does not have a full implementation of all the standard python libraries.

On 5/22/06, GRUBER Frederic <> wrote:
I'm actually working with the Testmaker tool using Jython scripts, for loadtesting.
The main script which performs the test, is a Jython script, and imports Java, Jython and "pure-Python" classes.
Unfortunately it seems that there are incompatibilities between Jython-libraries and Python-libraries:
    - The Python lib directory contains .py files that are not present in Jython lib directory,
     for example,, and some folders: logging;...
    - Some of the libraries with the same name seems to be incompatible,
    for example, when I use the Jython compiler integrated in Testmaker, and when I import the or coming from Python instead of 
    Jython, I got some syntax errors.
For more informations I use the Python2.4 lib, and TestMaker4.3.1 and 4.3.3.
Can you explain more precisely these incompatibilities, and what do you recommend to surmount this problem.
Thank in advance
Best regards