Sound like a fun project :) . When do we start? I'm kind of a java noob but not new to programming so maybe I can offer some help and try to learn something about jython too.


2009/5/11 Philip Jenvey <>
Hudson's now tracking compiler warnings (minus Xlint:serial):

Eventually we'll have our normal ant build emit all these warnings too
(it now emits all but unchecked/cast/serial warnings, of which we're
clean), but not right now because:

o There's way too many =]

o The antlr generated source code emits a bunch and avoiding them
isn't too easy

The former just needs some work, the latter, I'm not sure we can tweak
the build to avoid them other than compiling gensrc in a separate
step. However it's too intertwined with src/ right now to do this --
maybe we can introduce an interface in between them to allow separate
compile steps. Not a big deal until the other warnings are cleaned up,
and hudson is configured to ignore them.

Anyway, most of the current warnings are annoying/unchecked raw type
stuff, but some seem like possibly valid WTFs posed by javac. And blah
blah build analysis, yadda yadda I'm a code nazi, but ultimately the
code base will benefit if we keep these quiet. Plus hudson's warnings
graph will slope downwards! It's of course of lower priority.

I've also been wanting to integrate checkstyle forever (one of these
days), and somewhere down the line it would be nice to have findbugs
and or similar tools further shame us.

Also it'd be nice to have our antlr_gen grammar warnings cleaned up.
We could always just hide its output with ant but cleaning the actual
warnings in the grammar is obviously preferable.

Philip Jenvey

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