If you do, do it, I would like to see the results.  I suggest using the Jython 2.2 (new release), because it has been out for a while and will probably match future jython release.  Also, I suggest jar'ing the python code if you can as opposed to using pure java classes.  I attempted to create a applet recently, but my web-hosted didnt like the java HTML framework and wouldn't let me upload jython.jar?

On 9/9/05, Ken Seehart J <jython@seehart.com> wrote:
I have an idea: How about if we make a Wiki based Jython Applet
tutorial?  It seems that the process of creating an applet in jython is
complicated enough that no individual would be able to make a good
tutorial.  The basic problem is that there are two categories of people:
those who have successfully created an applet and those who have not.
Those who have, have completely forgotten the trouble they went through
the first time, and therefore consider the process trivial :-)

The initial version of the tutorial would have a step by step procedure
for geting the development environment up and running, and then writing
building an applet (Hello World) as a jar file, and invoking that applet
in a web page.

The wiki would then be edited by people who are in the process of
creating there first applet, showing the stumbilng blocks along the way.

I am not sure whether or not Wiki is the optimal format for this, as
long as the community can edit it.  Opinions?

BTW, I have just launched my first jython applet.  Yay!  Now I'm in the
club!  This is really easy.  Tutorial?  We don't need a tutorial.  What
was I talking about.  The whole process is completely trivial and self
evident.   :-P

The last stumbling block I encountered was the fact that the jar file
gets cached.  This means that modifying and rebuilding the jar file and
uploading the new version to my website has no effect until I close all
browser windows and re-launch my browser!  Needless to say, this
confused the troubleshooting process significantly until I figured out
what was going on.  Is there a better way to do this?  (just one example
of a potential paragraph for the wiki).

- Ken

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