I am not sure whether this message belongs here or in jython-dev but anyway here it goes :

I am writing a Python-to-C compiler. The project is called unpython and is located here http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/~garg1/unpython/
I am writing it in Java. For the frontend, I am currently using CPython's compiler module, dumping the AST into a file, then reading it back in Java.
I was recommended to see if I can reuse portions of Jython instead. So my questions are :
a) Where should I look in Jython ?
b) I believe an ANTLR based frontend was being worked upon. Is it working and in Jython already?
c) What kind of data structure is returned by Jython "frontend"? How similar/dissimilar are these to the ASTs returned by compiler module  of cpython 2.5?