We need to provide support for proxies and ideally runtime compilation via the Python bytecode VM. Both of these are in the experimental stage, but with some attention could be readily completed. In addition, we would need better support for packaging, including shrinking our runtime.

At PyCon, Jython support on Android was frequently mentioned. I also have an Android phone, so I'm personally interested. Even if Android support simply consists of having a great REPL for exploratory development, having a console would be very nice for Android developers.

Support Jython 2.5.x on Java mobile edition requires more work to because it's a subset of Java 1.4. (Jython 2.5 requires Java 5.) JRuby has done some work on the CDC profile; see http://kenai.com/projects/jruby/pages/JRubyOnJavaMicroEdition (there may be a better link, given Kenai's forthcoming shutdown). In general, whatever applies to JRuby typically applies to Jython for these sorts of things. I do believe it would be very challenging to work within these limits on JME devices, however.

For JME, the http://code.google.com/p/jythonme/ project might be a better candidate, since they are working with an older version of Jython, which runs well on 1.4. However, that's outside the mainstream of Jython development of course.

- Jim

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 10:50 AM, Jan Wedel <Jan.Wedel@ettex.de> wrote:

Hi there,


I already posted some questions here and had some discussions with Charlie Groves who helped me getting into the proxymaker stuff (of which I just read that it is postponed to make it into the Jython trunk).


I just wanted to start a general discussion about the question: Is there any plan or has there been any previous discussion about running Jython scripts on Java enabled mobile devices?


I think there is definitely a demand for it since there are numerous embedded ports of the python VM to various MCUs in C language. And e.g. Telit, the manufacturer of wireless GSM modules offers devices with integrated Python interpreter, other devices have a CLDC Java VM (including lots of phones and other GSM modules). There is also JythonME which is, as far as I know, a port of Jython itself to Java CDC profile. But I think it would be great to compile a Python application to Java Byte code and thus avoiding the time and resource consuming process of interpretation on a mobile device.


The problem I see is that Java ME, especially CLDC/MIDP devices only support a limited feature set of Java. I already ported a Python VM to Java ME for evaluation purposes but devices were just too slow to run the python interpreter. Thus, the only way would be to compile Python scripts to Java byte code and deploy it on the mobile device.


So what do think about that (despite the fact that the proxy stuff in Jython is not  being pushed right now)? Is that something that could be done with Jython in short or long-term development or do you think that other projects should be created/extended to do that?





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