Given the definition of sys.version_info, and the normal Python conventions, I think it would be better if we released a "2.5.1" than a "". (I suppose the serial component could be used, but I don't recall it being used in the past.)

In triaging 1406 and 1407, they're arguably important enough to suggest an early release. However, they do not cause a crash (a trappable exception is thrown) and simple workarounds exist. A one month cycle to RC allows us to work some other outstanding bugs, do a few more performance improvements, and implement any ready features.

In terms of features, 2.5.1 originally was to include not only clamp, but bz2, CJK codecs, ctypes, JSR223, sqlite3, and unicodedata (full support), as well as the Python bytecode compiler. At best, a few of these are doable in a month, but not all of them. (If I were to guess, they would be ctypes, JSR223, and sqlite3, although sqlite3 has no owner I'm aware of). It would be best then if we just released early and waited until 2.5.2 (or perhaps even latter) for these features.

- Jim

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 12:24 PM, Charlie Groves <> wrote:
On Monday, July 20, 2009, Frank Wierzbicki <> wrote:
> A couple of recent bug reports are severe enough that I'd like to set
> a harder date for 2.5.1.  Those bugs are
> and
> which are problems with co-routines that work in CPython but fail to
> verify or throw ClassCastException for Jython.  Tobias has already
> fixed the first, and is looking at the second.
> I am thinking of targeting August 20 for 2.5.1rc1, which would mean we
> should have a feature freeze around August 13 so we can have a little
> time to harden for releasing.
> Any objections?

Haven't we promised to include clamp and the like in 2.5.1? I've been
making pretty good progress on it since I started working on it again,
but in particular I don't see the machinations necessary to get all
the standard lib proxies compiling being finished within a month.

Maybe this should be a purely bugfix release,, instead of one
including new features?

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