sqlite3 support is planned for Jython 2.5.1. Leo Soto demonstrated working with it for his Summer of Code project with me last year, but only through a Django backend. I think he ran into some issues, but they're likely surmountable.
pygame uses ctypes extensively. It will be a good test case for our implementation of ctypes, again planned for 2.5.1.
wxPython support would be very unlikely, given that Swing and SWT provide much better capabilities. Of course we would always welcome someone working on this if it made sense to them.

Your best bet for using C code today is through JNA, which can be directly called from Jython and does not require a separate compilation step, unlike JNI. It's not sufficient for implementing a general foreign function interface, but it's certainly workable for most usages.

- Jim

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 11:08 AM, kilon <> wrote:

Well As far As I have seen , most python libraries that I do use are
wrappings of C/C++ libraries .
I saw several discussions here that C/C++ wrapped python libraries cannot be
accessed directly.

Ok I stand corrected.

So then it is my turn to ask questions.

1) Is pySqlite3 ported to jython ?

2) Is pygame ported to jython ?

3) Is wxPython ported to jython ? (SWIG is alright but i find Wx Python ,
more pythonic ;) )

These three libraries are the MOST important to me.

Sorry if I mislead the original poster but I thought that most python
libraries were using or interacting with C++ code in one way or anotherto
make it hard to port to jython. My bad !!!

Another question , how do you make CPython libraries immediately availables
in jython , through JNI or other means ?

I agree ctypes addition will be very useful for jython as it already is for
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