I'll be attending the language summit. Having a Jython BoF that night seems a natural extension, and it will also accommodate people who are arriving the evening before the main conference.

By announcing it here now, we might also allow people who have some flexibility in their travel arrangements to determine they should get in earlier, rather than say taking a redeye or early morning flight. You don't want to do that, come to the BoF and spend a relaxing evening in Chicago with us :)

Note that we need not just have one BoF. This is PyCon, we get to figure it out as we go. But I think there's great value in kicking PyCon off by raising issues, thoughts, and concerns about Jython as we start planning what's after 2.5.

- Jim

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 7:33 AM, Alan Kennedy <jython-dev@xhaus.com> wrote:
> Jim Baker and I are planning to coordinate a Jython BoF for the
> upcoming PyCon conference this March in Chicago, IL.  The anticipated
> date would be on Thursday, March 26 sometime in the evening.

Hmmm, that date is also the date if the Python Language Developer summit.
After 16:00, the agenda for that day is "Free time for sprinting,
hacking, further discussions, etc."

It might be nice to take that time to chat with cpython, ironpython
and pypy developers.


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