We would welcome any contribution like this!

We are also hoping to get similar efforts going for Oracle soon. (That happens to be a project I helped get going as the leader of the Boulder-Denver Python Users Group, aka the Front Range Pythoneers; we have our meeting tonight. Perhaps there are some here on this list might join us in person at some point; we've had Tobias Ivarsson, Leo Soto, Brian Rosner, and others local & remote attend and present :).

Longer range efforts include other backend support, including support for DB2 and Derby. But my personal current focus is getting out Jython 2.5 final.

- Jim

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:40 AM, Pavel Vinogradov <> wrote:

 I'm working on porting one of python django-based blog engine to Jython.
To finish my work i need working MySQL database backend. Currently i
use postgresql backend from django-jython project and it runs good for

 django-jython don't provide MySQL backend, but have wiki
documentation for anybody who want to write it.
Does anybody work on this now? It seems not so complex task because
most code maybe reused from postgresql backend. I suppose that some
MySQL specific issues may arise.

 If anybody else work on this i can do this myself and send patch to
django-jython project.

Pavel Vinogradov
NixDev.Net, Open Source Developer

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