Many bugs in the tracker are likely no longer valid, especially if they are old and pure Python in nature. Current focus in 2.5 development is to reduce the number of failing units tests (see Often these tests are already systematically testing for these bugs; if not, we should come up with additional tests that do just that. This helps ensure that we are permanently closing out these bugs without regression.

I would encourage anyone interested in helping in this process to identify in the tracker bugs we can close, and submitting unit test patches that demonstrate their closing where appropriate (and not covered by existing testing).

It should be clear that 2.5 alpha is definitely not free of known bugs :), it was just getting to the point where we thought that it was reasonably useful for people to try out, especially with respect to interesting frameworks like Django and Pylons.

- Jim

On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 12:11 PM, rajesh battala <> wrote:
hi all..
i saw some bugs on the jython tracker!
after jython2.5a is released, still those bugs are valid?
is there anyone who is looking after whether the new updates to jython2.5a will close those bugs!
it will be good if we close those bugs so that it will be easy for the community to pickup and look after those bugs.
thanks alot.


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From: Jython tracker <>
Sent: Friday, 18 July, 2008 9:40:10 PM
Subject: [Jython-dev] Summary of Jython tracker Issues

ACTIVITY SUMMARY (07/11/08 - 07/18/08)
Jython tracker at

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  223 open (+11) /  878 closed ( +2) /  1101 total (+13)

Open issues with patches:    35

Average duration of open issues: 795 days.
Median duration of open issues: 1238 days.

Open Issues Breakdown
  open  223 (+11)
pending    0 ( +0)

Issues Created Or Reopened (14)

String missing rsplit                                            07/11/08
CLOSED    reopened pjenvey       

jython2.5a startup error                                        07/15/08
CLOSED    created  tonetheman   

setuptools: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'      07/16/08    created  thijs         

Standalone crashes with ZipException                            07/16/08    created  ReneLeonhardt 

strftime uses 2-letter %a and system locale                      07/16/08    created  ReneLeonhardt 

Parsing error in file with white space at the end                07/16/08    created  fjakobs       

help() in interactive python raises TypeError under Windows      07/16/08
CLOSED    created  gkalab       

support for "signal" and "fcntl" module                          07/16/08    created  cheeming     

os.rmdir  deletes file                                          07/17/08    created  jnair         

2.5a1 jython.bat doesn't work from Windows explorer              07/17/08    created  dergo         

Standalone installation fails                                    07/17/08    created  cartman       

Popen3 objects don't have the pid attribute                      07/17/08    created  cheeming     

twisted.python.threadable module: missing attribute '_RLock'    07/17/08    created  cheeming     

support for annotations?                                        07/17/08    created  cprinos       

Issues Now Closed (4)

String missing rsplit                                              3 days    zyasoft       

Problems with re and unicode                                      39 days    zyasoft       

jython2.5a startup error                                            0 days    nriley       

help() in interactive python raises TypeError under Windows        0 days    nriley       

Top Issues Most Discussed (3)

  3 2.5a1 jython.bat doesn't work from Windows explorer                1 days

  3 setuptools: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'        3 days

  3 String missing rsplit                                              3 days

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