The only problems I would see are supporting csv's dialect options, but other than that, it sounds good, and certainly the strategy I would choose, including the choice of library (opencsv).

Re that jar, we are already planning on packaging a variety of jars into Jython 2.5 via jar jar links, so that presumably could be done too with opencsv.

- Jim

On Feb 12, 2008 12:46 PM, Dave Kuhlman <dkuhlman@rexx.com> wrote:
Charlie Groves <charlie.groves <at> gmail.com> writes:


> I've also left out any notion of scheduling since I don't think we'll
> really be able to tell how much longer it'll take until we get the
> alpha out and start seeing how much work goes into all the beta items.
> Here's the list:
> Alpha


> Beta


>     * PEP 338: Executing modules as scripts
>     * PEP 305: csv module

I'm not sure how to interpret this list.  Has any work been done on porting the
csv module to Jython?

If not, I'd like to take that up.  I've already looked into using one of the
Java class libraries (opencsv, in particular) for the underlying implementation.

Let me know if csv has already been ported, and I'll look for something else to

If it has *not* already been done, here are a few notes:

My approach is to write a Jython module that is a wrapper for opencsv:


Effectively, we'd be using opencsv as a replacement for the C module used by
Python (Python-2.5.1/Modules/_csv.c).

Doing so would mean either (1) that users would have to install opencsv
themselves or (2) we'd have to package opencsv in jython.jar.  The opencsv jar
file is actually quite small: about 10K.  And, opencsv is under the Apache 2.0

Is this a reasonable strategy?

- Dave

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