The consensus in the sprint at PyCon was that we definitely want to participate in the GSoC - the more the merrier. This should be done of course under the framework of the PSF. I personally would like to mentor a student (or two) on the 2.5+ compiler work we've started. As for the projects you mentioned, I suspect that there's no interest.

I have set up a wiki page to collect GSoC projects for Jython:

At this moment, this particular server is running too slowly to be used, so don't expect to see content there just yet.

- Jim

On 3/5/07, A.M. Kuchling <> wrote:
Google's Summer of Code is coming around again, and the PSF would like
to focus more on core things.  Are there Jython-related project ideas
that would make good summer projects?

A few (a *very* few) ideas are listed at
<>, but they don't seem to
have been proposed by the Jython developers.  I couldn't find any
project-idea pages in the Jython wiki; is there one?


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