An of course, this is exactly the problem solved by distutils or better yet setuptools in the CPython world. A good starting point, I would think...

- Jim

On 3/3/07, Tim Couper <> wrote:

Thanks for the clarity .. I'll have a look at the "runtime compiler in a batch mode" work .. no promises though :-)



Hello Tim.

Thanks for "trying to get involved".  I'm new to this project too
(which means the project's veterans will correct me if I've
misunderstood).  I think you've run into a sticky problem.  Jython
has two separate "compilers" -- 1) the runtime interpreter which is
getting some active attention, and 2) jythonc which is not getting
attention.  The larger problem is that the jython community is too
small at the moment to support two separate compilers and jythonc is
collecting dust (it doesn't support generator expressions, for example).

It doesn't sound like anyone has enough energy to try and fix
jythonc, based on what I heard at the sprint.  The preferred
alternative would be to re-use the runtime compiler in a batch mode.
That compiler is already creating .class files.  It should be
possible to use it to compile a bunch of jython code into .class
files and then bundle them in a .jar so that jython code could be
used by regular java classes.  As far as I know, no one has taken
ownership of that particular bit of work, though.  Would you be
interested in looking into it?

Take care.

ps. Many thanks for coming to the BOF and for following up with your
email.  Every little bit of support and energy is helpful.

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