Correct, the Terence/Loring 2.3 grammar is the starting point Michael Taylor and I looked at during the sprint at PyCon. (This reverses an earlier position I had stated of not changing out parsers. Michael was very persuasive.)

So the approach we are currently taking is to develop a parallel parser in Antlr (Groovy), and a compiler targeting ASM (Groovy, under dev in JRuby). Knowledge sharing across JVM dynamic languages is one aspect of this, as is ease of development. Being able to use the existing Jython infrastructure while doing so certainly made our work in the sprint much easier, and will also provide for much better opportunities for testing and cross validation during the transition.

Some initial thoughts:

- Jim

On 3/2/07, Frank Wierzbicki <> wrote:
On 3/2/07, Leo User <> wrote:
> You guys have an ANTLR parser out theres somewhere?
> That sounds like it would be fun to look at.  Any
> links?
I'm sure they are starting with the 2.3 Python parser written by
Terence Parr and Loring Craymer that can be found here:

But I don't know how far they have taken it...


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