hi john,

--- code-snippet ---
from java.lang import System

for pname in System.getProperties():
  print('%s=%s' % (pname, System.getProperty(pname)))

--- /code-snippet ---

look at properties such as:

and some others.


2009/11/2 <john.m.baker@nomura.com>

And now I’m looking about for a solution, where by I need to check the operating system (I have other requirements to avoid running code that is platform specific – it makes calls to rsync etc.!), platform.system() returns ‘Java’, so it’s difficult to tell what is the underlying operating system.


Any thoughts?


From: Baker, John (IT/UK)
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Subject: [Jython-users] pwd module on Windows



What’s the best way to cope with these errors:

ImportError: pwd module not supported on Windows

If it’s not supported, what should I do to do something like this:

  currentuser= pwd.getpwuid(os.geteuid())[0]

I appreciate this isn’t really Jython specific, but I suspect someone has some thoughts on writing cross OS Python!




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