2010/1/27 Marcos Sánchez Provencio <msanchez@grupoburke.com>
But you can use a pythoninterpreter in your applet classes, can't you?
You just have to include your py sources as resources. I have a test
applet that adds 2+2 and show sys.version. In theory, you could add your
jython java object factory to this mix...

By the way, what is the minimal set of permissions for jython to work? I
am testing with
grant {
 permission java.security.AllPermission;

Rasjid, is that close to what you wanted?

Yes, this approach occurred to me late last night.  If you can share your test applet, that would be great, since I'd be kind of working it out from scratch. (I have minimal exposure to Java.)

Cheers, Rasjid.