if using a java library is also an option, I can recommend dom4j (
It has an XMLWriter, and an OutputFormat (both in package, which let you do pretty formatting.

best wishes,

On 6/29/07, Moore, Greg < > wrote:

It was great to see RC1 out a few days ago. You guys that are doing the
development are wonderful. Thanks for your time and contributions.

A script that I'm writing gets a string back from a server. This string
happens to be xml and it can be quite lengthy (usually <2K). What I'd
like is something that would reflow/reformat this so it stayed a string
(or even a list) so this it would turn, the example below: (which really
is all one string.)


Info something that was properly formatted and indented. Like this:

<Inquiry refdata="test">

It doesn't need to be a sax, dom, or element tree structure. Nothing is
going to be done with this text except for being displayed and maybe

Any pointers, suggestions or code would be most appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,
Greg W. Moore
ADP, Inc.

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