thanks very much for the clarification !
I will dive deeper in some future time.


On 10/11/05, Alan Kennedy <> wrote:
[Mark Proctor]
> Would be good if Jython could support this:

> what do you think is the difference or relationship between jci and
> JSR223 ( ?
> Just curious, I can't make the whole picture for me.


From what I can see, there a number of differences.

JSR223 is supposed to support the use of various java scripting
languages in certain scenarios, i.e. web-page scripting. Which is a
pretty limited viewpoint, I think. Michel Pelletier summed it up well here

JCI is an effort to provide a standardised interface to a java compiler,
for use in a variety of situations, e.g. an IDE such as Eclipse:

or a scripting language such as Groovy:

JCI tries to standardise access to things such as compilation and access
to errors/warnings/etc

and environmental issues, such as monitoring a source file for
modifications, etc.

As Mark P mentioned in his original email, if jython supported this API,
then it could be used without extra work in packages that support JCI.

But the JCI project doesn't seem to have matured enough to actually
provide a release. Which makes me wonder how commonly used it is in
other java projects.