It worked with the ReadlineSetup.

Thanks for the fast reply.

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Hello everybody!

I've been using CPython for a while and now I'm coming to Jython, cause of it's Java integration.

First of all, I want to congratulate for this really good and nice project! I also wrote a post about it:

Second, I've installed Jython with the installation jar available at the website and I don't know if this is just with me, but there are some hot keys that are not available at the Jython interpreter and they are in CPython:
  • Ctrl+R : for reverse search in already entered lines
  • Ctrl+L : to clear screen
  • Ctrl+Y : to paste the line removed by Ctrl+U
  • up : previous entered line
  • down : next entered line

This hot keys are very useful when experimenting code. They are different in Jython or they don't exist?

You need to set up readline on unix. Please check for details.


Lucas B. Torri