oh cool..thanks!
so just to make sure I got this right, do I use exec from here http://www.jython.org/docs/javadoc/org/python/util/PythonInterpreter.html#exec(java.lang.String) where the string is the location of the .py file? or do I use execfile?

Thanks again

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Jeff Emanuel <jemanuel@frii.com> wrote:

See the docs for embedding Jython in Java.  When you have
a Jython interpreter, you can tell it to execute your .py file.


Leena Mansour wrote:
I don't know anything about python (I'm a student java coder), but I'm going
to have to learn it since I can't do what I want in java.
Now the question is, is it possible to instantiate a whole python program
inside java without turning the java files into .class files? so when I do
something in the java program (click a button, etc..) the python program
opens up?


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