Anyone knows whether the jython command line debugger (pdb) supports value modification?  I have a sample script as follows:

def f1()
    x = 1

When I debug the script using pdb, I try to modify the value of x using the following commands:
(pdb) !x
1    <-- x's current value is 1
(pdb) !x=2      <-- try to assign a new value 2 to x
1    <-- x's value is still 1.

However, if I introduce a new variable y into the code, then I can modify the value of the new variable. But I cannot modify the value of an existing variable.

(pdb) !y=1    <-- y does not exist in the code
1    <-- y's value is 1
(pdb) !y=2     <-- assign a new value 2 to y
(pdb) !y
2    <-- y's value is updated to 2


Morris Kwan
Email: mkwan@ca.ibm.com