OK, well it looks like the easiest solution fo rme might be to simply pre-compile the system modules.  I found the "compileall.py" script in the Lib folder, and it does exactly what I want.  I just have one question...  Should this be run with the same JRE that my product ships with, or does it matter?  I develop with 1.5, but I ship with 1.4.2_07.  Can I compile the modules and check them into CVS, or should I do it as part of my build process, or even as part of the installer?



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I am packaging Jython as part of a plugin that is installed with a product.  Currently, I have the /Lib folder filled with system modules (.py files) located in my plugin as well, and my plugin location is set as my "python.home" location, so it finds everything just fine.  The problem is, when I import a system module, Jython compiles it to a $py.class file in that folder, and this rapidly creates a lot of junk in my plugin directory, but not only that - when the user does not have write access to this folder - I assume something bad will happen??

What I am wondering is:

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